A rather new service by us, added because of the popular demand of our clients.We offer our clients a range of services that include new implementations, support of existing networks, and contracts for maintenance and service.
We can show you how to implement a corporate network that provides access to all your remote offices, or a simple network comprised of a few users which need to share data.
Wether is an entirely new network or an existing one, we'll take care of any issue or problem you might have.

web development
Webdesign has evolved a lot during the last five years, from pure informative sites to state-of-the-art flash sites. There is however no magic switch you just turn on to have the perfect website. We just get close to the perfect one. Web development is more than HTML skills or a talent for page design. Web development is analysis, design, implementation, promotion and last but not least innovation.
Analysing involves gathering all kinds of information and making decisions.Who will use this site? What will they gain from it? What items are necessary and optional to put online? How interactive do we want the site? ...
To design a web, you should have a thorough grounding in hypertext, multimedia, Java, and other programming possibilities as well as knowledge about how particular web structures affect an audience.

Our skilled professionals have the experience! We make sure the site gets a coherent and consistent "look.
In the implementation stage we will transform the blueprints created in the analysis stage into html and the necessary perl, php, asp, or other code.
Here we will be confronted with the technical possibilities of the project. If it isn't possible, we make it possible.
What you may not forget is that your website has to be promoted. Not only to current users but especially also to potential users and general internet audiences. We make sure your website gets found by the most major search-engines.
The last step in this process is the innovation, or adjusting your site to meet users needs. This is a continuously creatively work.

Domain registration
For all .com, .net, .org or .be domains contact us. Even for other top level domains. Already have a domain and want to transfer it? No problem, done in 24 hours.

As one of the fastest growing sectors in today's economy, e-commerce has affirmed its value to a company's bottom line. We develop e-commerce solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results.
Depending on the size of your business, that could be as simple as an on-line catalog, or as complex as integrating facets of your operations into a single e-com strategy.